My photographic efforts began with a little box camera when I was 14 years old. I still have my first picture, the subject a bit crooked and the head half chopped off. Little did I know that this would become “my serious hobby” and give me so much joy.

Until fairly recently, I regarded photography as a tool with which to document vacation trips and preserve memories of family and friends. With the coming of the digital age and Photoshop I ventured into more artistic venues, photographing mostly home grown orchids and other beauties nature had to offer. Encouraged by my friends, I started giving out calendars and cards, but did not consider photography as a serious hobby until I joined the a camera club in May 2007.

My photographic interests include macro, nature, architectural and travel photography. I have also experimented with an infrared-converted camera because I enjoy the expressive impact of black and white photography.

I see photography as an exciting experiment where reality meets fantasy and where creativity plays an important part, greatly aided of course by picture-editing programs, which for better or worse have replaced the darkroom work that the great photographers mastered so well.

My house is filled with a number of my photographs, with our visitors often discussing subjects and compositions and sharing their opinions with us. I believe that photography is all about producing something visually pleasing and enjoying the image, whether it is of Europe or motives nearby.